Episode 12: Mystery Airships

Aaron and Samantha travel back to the nineteenth century to explore the mystery airships that were spotted throughout the country in 1896/97. What started as a trio of lights above Sacramento, California, grew to reported sightings of actual ships that moved from the west coast to the Great Plains and into the Great Lakes States. Samantha and Aaron look at various sightings, possible explanations, and touch on the history of aviation. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s a wild ride.

Time Stamps
The Gilded Age- 1:10
Wisconsin- 12:34
Midway Break- 22:08
Michigan- 29:35
Lanark, Illinois- 39:10
Aurora, Texas- 49:42
The History of Aviation- 53:30
Wrap-Up and Outro- 56:30

Episode 11: Monsters on the Christmas tree

Samantha and Aaron got wrapped up in the bustle of December and showed up to record without any material. Luckily, Aaron recorded the first Great Lakes Lore Holiday Party where the pair shared stories about interesting monster sightings and legends from around the Great Lakes. Tune in and have a happy holiday season!

Intro- 0:00
The Monroe Monster- 6:08
The Ogre of Seney- 14:02
Oscar the Beast of Busco- 20:48
Legend or Lie- 29:13
Michigan Merman- 31:14
Floating Humanoid- 39:35
The Loveland Frogman- 42:44

Further Reading
Michigan Merman

Loveland Frogman

Episode 9: The Witches’ Castle of Utica, Indiana

In this episode, Samantha and Aaron take listeners on a wild ride from the middle ages to the 1990s, trying to get to the bottom of the legend behind the stone ruins along the Ohio River in Utica, Indiana. In the end, Samantha and Aaron come up with their own theory about the Witches’ Castle of Utica.
Time Stamps
History of Utica- 3:06
Witch Legends- 6:40
Sharer Murder- 13:40
Legend or Lie- 24:51
Some Real History- 28:25
Newspaper and Internet Sources- 32:50
Prince Madoc- 44:38
Wrapping It Up- 49:50

Episode 7: Dogman Part 2- Examining Michigan’s Cryptid

In this week’s episode Samantha and Aaron dive into the legend and various sightings of Michigan’s Dogman. This state’s canid creature warrants treatment outside apart from other dog creature sightings, thanks to the song from a local DJ and the Gable film. Tune in as they discuss these things, as well as things the dogman is not and the importance of thorough research methods. Tune in and enjoy the discussion.

Time Stamps:
Introduction- 00:57
“The Song”- 5:19
What Dogman Isn’t- 08:20
Sightings- 16:26
Legend or Lie- 26:58
More Sightings- 31:30
North American Dogman Project- 41:05
The Gable Film- 51:22
Final Thoughts- 57:34

Sources and Links

The Michigan Dogman by Linda Godfrey
North American Dogman Project
Gable Film
The Legend