Episode 2: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

“He moves through the night as nimbly and secretly as a cat, squirting a sweetish gas through bedroom windows.” -(citation needed)

In this episode Samantha and Aaron are exploring the case of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon! In late-August and September of 1944 the citizens of Mattoon, Illinois began reporting cases of sweet smells in the home at night, followed by physical symptoms, such as a burning throat and temporary paralysis. Was there really an “anesthetic prowler” attacking the residents of Mattoon or is there another explanation? 

Time Stamps: 

Intro- 0:00

Setting the Scene- 3:10

What the Papers Said- 6:52

Legend or Lie?- 44:58

Paranormal Explanations- 49:17

Psychological Explanations- 57:53

An Actual Criminal?- 1:08:51

Note! There are a couple of spots that had some brief, un-fixable audio distortion–only a second or so, here and there. Thank you for understanding.

For More Information:

On the Gassings in Botetourt County

On Spring-Heeled Jack

On The Dancing Plague of 1518

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