Episode 7: Dogman Part 2- Examining Michigan’s Cryptid

In this week’s episode Samantha and Aaron dive into the legend and various sightings of Michigan’s Dogman. This state’s canid creature warrants treatment outside apart from other dog creature sightings, thanks to the song from a local DJ and the Gable film. Tune in as they discuss these things, as well as things the dogman is not and the importance of thorough research methods. Tune in and enjoy the discussion.

Time Stamps:
Introduction- 00:57
“The Song”- 5:19
What Dogman Isn’t- 08:20
Sightings- 16:26
Legend or Lie- 26:58
More Sightings- 31:30
North American Dogman Project- 41:05
The Gable Film- 51:22
Final Thoughts- 57:34

Sources and Links

The Michigan Dogman by Linda Godfrey
North American Dogman Project
Gable Film
The Legend

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