Episode 24: The Michigan Relics

In the 1890s, James Scotford discovered a series of ancient artifacts in Michigan’s Montcalm County that could cause a reevaluation of the way human history was understood…if they were authentic. Join Aaron and Samantha as they share the saga of the Michigan relics. From the Hopewell Indians to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this episode brings together archaeology, fraud, museums, and a touch of Indiana Jones (minus the Nazis). 

Time Stamps

Big Themes- 3:04
The Initial Discovery- 12:50
Early Debate- 13:40
Daniel Soper- 19:03
Tools and Tempered Copper- 23:14
Midway Break- 26:29
Confirming the Book of Mormon- 32:46
James Tallmadge- 36:33
Finding the Answers- 41:02
Why Should We Care?- 48:16

Further Reading

Samantha and Aaron relied heavily on this article from Brigham Young University.

The article from Brigham Young University about the tools used to make the relics can be found here.

Learn more about Hopewell Culture here.

You can find images of the Norton Mounds in Grand Rapids here.

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