Episode 7: Dogman Part 2- Examining Michigan’s Cryptid

In this week’s episode Samantha and Aaron dive into the legend and various sightings of Michigan’s Dogman. This state’s canid creature warrants treatment outside apart from other dog creature sightings, thanks to the song from a local DJ and the Gable film. Tune in as they discuss these things, as well as things the dogman … Continue reading Episode 7: Dogman Part 2- Examining Michigan’s Cryptid

Halloween Bonus Episode!

Samantha and Aaron are celebrating by answering a whole bunch of YOUR questions about Halloween and general spooky stuff! Thanks to everyone who sent in questions and be sure to come back tomorrow for the first part of our exploration of Dogman lore. The Bobby Pickett Monster Mash video Sam refers to is below the … Continue reading Halloween Bonus Episode!

Episode 4: The Paranormal Is Personal

In this episode, Samantha and Aaron step back from examining actual pieces of lore in order to share their own personal paranormal experiences. They examine the reasons why eye-witness testimonies of supernatural phenomena need to be handled with care, the ways their own experiences influence the way they interpret those from others, and how their … Continue reading Episode 4: The Paranormal Is Personal


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