Episode 4: The Paranormal Is Personal

In this episode, Samantha and Aaron step back from examining actual pieces of lore in order to share their own personal paranormal experiences. They examine the reasons why eye-witness testimonies of supernatural phenomena need to be handled with care, the ways their own experiences influence the way they interpret those from others, and how their … Continue reading Episode 4: The Paranormal Is Personal

The Backstory

Samantha and Aaron give you a brief introduction to the show, and the importance of looking at weird events through a historian’s eyes.Be here in two weeks for the first full episode of Great Lakes Lore: the Dudgeon Swamp Mystery.

Coming in September…

A new podcast from Cheeso Media (the folks behind The Saucer Life) about the legends, lore, and history of the Great Lakes states. Weirdness, death, the paranormal, it’s a little bit of everything.

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