Meet the Hosts


I’ve dreamt of having a paranormal podcast for years! By day, I’m an historian who spends time cataloging archives, leading historic house tours, and researching. When I’m not working, I can be found watching Supernatural while cooking, walking my dog, watching scary movies, or bingeing paranormal podcasts. I am beyond thrilled to combine my love for history and historical research, with my interest in the paranormal and the history of the Great Lakes region in this podcast. I can’t wait to share all of these bizarre stories with listeners and get to the heart of some of these legends.


After creating and hosting The Saucer Life for four years, I realized that I wanted to talk about weird stuff that wasn’t UFO based. The worlds of cryptids, weird history, and other ephemera often overlap with UFOs, and I’m fascinated by it all. When I learned that Sam, who’d appeared on Saucer Life over the years, had thoughts along the same lines, this show just made sense. In real life, I teach history at a community college and write books, with podcasting taking up a lot of spare time. But not so much that I don’t have time to watch old Doctor Who and Star Trek.