Episode 26: Bigfoot in Michigan

This week, Samantha and Aaron begin their exploration of the bigfoot phenomenon! After laying a solid framework, featuring discussions on the nature of bigfoot and a history of bigfoot in the 20th/21st centuries, they look at Bigfoot sightings in Michigan. They share audio clips, discuss video sightings, and talk about stick formations left in the woods. Join Samantha and Aaron for this first (yes there will be more) adventure with everyone’s favorite cryptid.

Time Stamps

ABBA- 0:32
Meeting Bigfoot- 4:46
Flesh and Blood Creature- 9:51
Wide Open Spaces- 13:13
Supernatural Bigfoot- 19:26
Patterson Gimlin Film- 25:35
BFRO- 30:44
Finding Bigfoot- 35:35
Midway Break- 38:17
Vocalizations- 41:19
Sightings- 53:43
Rock Throwing and A Bit of Woo- 58:50
Stick Formations- 1:05:07
Criticisms and Pranks- 1:08:00
Wrap-Up- 1:14:51

Continue the Investigation!

Check out the video of Bigfoot crossing the river here.

You can find more encounters on the BRFO website.

This Midland Daily News article contains the write-up of the Menominee sighting, as well as the Finding Bigfoot clip.

The Detroit Free Press article we referenced throughout the article can be found here.

The eagle cam video can be found here.

If you’re interested in diving into conversations about the nature of bigfoot, we recommend picking up Where the Footprints End volumes 1 and 2 by Timothy Renner and Joshua Cutchin.

Get them from Amazon and help support the show! (Volume 1) (Volume 2)

And if you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the Patterson Gimlin film check out the 6-part series Astonishing Legends did on the topic. They also have an episode with Micah Hanks on the history of bigfoot as a flesh and blood creature. Find them here.