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Beyblade is a spinning top familiar to everyone from childhood in a new guise. Modern tops are a prefabricated system with a starting device. They were first introduced in 1999 by TOMY. A few years later, an animated series was released in support of the toys, as a result of which Beyblade mania took over the world and turned into a real sport.

Having launched the tops, they organize competitions, competing in dexterity, demonstrating their capabilities. Buying a strong, correct beyblade is something of an art. He must not only rotate, but also have fighting qualities in order to defeat his opponents - be strong, stable and at the same time mobile and balanced. A good top should not fly apart when colliding with another.

See how it works:

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See how it works:

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Children's microscope Scientific Microscope is a unique device for understanding the environment and the general development of a child. With its help, you can get acquainted with the interesting inner world of a tree leaf and a flower petal, study a cut of a fruit or vegetable, the fur of a cat or dog, fabric fibers, salt and sugar crystals, human fingerprints, and much more. etc. By dropping a little oil (vaseline or other) onto a glass slide, it will be more convenient to fix the object and enjoy studying its microcosm. 

Looking at ordinary things from a different point of view - magnifying them hundreds of times - is incredible exciting activity. This is a great way to spark a child's interest in science, especially microbiology.

The microscope is designed with a dual-action illuminator. By turning it with the mirror up, you can get light from the sun. Turning in the other direction - lighting from a lamp in cloudy weather and lack of sufficient natural light. 

The kit includes 3 glass slides and 3 containers (2 jars and box), which are useful for preparing and storing microspecimens, as in a real scientific laboratory.


  • Size: 220*125*80 mm.
  • Light source: white LED.
  • Power: batteries.
  • Magnification options: 100x, 400x, 1200x.
  • Material: plastic.
  • Color: assorted.
  • Product weight: 200 g.
  • li>Package size: 240*190*85 mm.
  • Package weight: 308 g.
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  • Top quality
  • Adjustable lens height
  • Rotatable lens with 100x magnification lenses / 400x / 1200x
  • platform for visualizing objects
  • light source with adjustable distance
  • switch
  • microscope dimensions: 21 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm
  • microscope is powered by two AA 1.5 V batteries (not included).
  • made of plastic.

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A children's set for painting plaster Gypsum Paintwill give a child of preschool and primary school age the opportunity to engage in useful activities and will become an interesting leisure activity for a friendly family. The set includes twelve plaster figures, eight multi-colored paints, two brushes (thin and wide), and double-sided tape. Choose the figure you like and color it to your own taste. The painted figures will decorate the interior and become a memorable souvenir for friends and family.

The set will help you master the technique of working with three-dimensional elements, learn how to mix and match colors. The painstaking work of coloring small-sized three-dimensional figures contributes to the development of fine motor skills, a sense of color, attentiveness, aesthetic perception, creativity, perseverance, and independence.


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  • Theme of the set: for drawing
  • Type: Children's set for painting plaster
  • Age: for preschoolers and primary schoolchildren
  • < b>The set includes: 

    • 12 plaster products
    • 8 colors of paint
    • 2 brushes
    • double-sided tape
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    Magic Shoes shoe modeling game setprovides the opportunity to take part in creating your own shoe collection. The fashion set includes shoe models consisting of six parts (toe, sole, back, two sides, heel), decor, threads, stickers, beads. All elements are made of high-quality plastic that is safe for health.

    During the game, the child models classic or original models with unusual decor. Thanks to this set, you can not only have fun, but also spend time usefully, developing the imagination, perseverance and fine motor skills of children over three years of age.


    • Age: children from 3 years old.
    • Type: children's shoe modeling kit
    • Purpose: decorating children's shoes
    • Material : non-toxic plastic

    The set includes:

    • A variety of stickers, beads, rhinestones and accessories
    • Shoe templates
    • Decoration elements
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    • Product type: water gun
    • Material: ABS plastic 
    • Food : from a rechargeable battery
    • Battery size: 500 mAh; 7.8 v 
    • Continuous play time: up to 200 minutes 
    • Charging time: 2 hours 
    • Age: from 8 years (under adult supervision)
    • Color: yellow, blue
    • Dimensions: 43x16.5x4.5 cm


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  • Water gun - 1 piece
  • Charging wire - 1 piece
  • Screwdriver - 1 piece
  • Instructions
  • Battery - 1 pcs