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PLA plastic is intended for making crafts and painting using layer-by-layer fusing under high temperatures. This type of creativity is equally loved by children and adults. The material is made from biodegradable raw materials and is an environmentally friendly product that does not pollute the environment. The smell produced when it melts is reminiscent of the aroma of popcorn. PLA takes the desired shape easily and cools down in a few seconds. Finished drawings and crafts look very impressive thanks to their smooth surface and wide range of colors.

A set of PLA plastic for a 3D pen 20*10 m is a consumable material for innovative drawing, which It is housed in a compact box that helps teach your child to be organized and tidy. In the future, you can buy additional plastic of the required color and store everything together.

The kit includes PLA in 20 colors, colors in assortment. The 3D pen and adapter are not included in the set.

The original high-quality plastic is universal, suitable for almost all models of 3D pens, differs:

* rich colors;

* elasticity;

* strength, durability of the work performed;

* non-toxic;

* moisture resistance.

< p> The set comes in a package with a special silicone filler inside, which ensures long-term storage of the contents.

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3D pen 3DPen-2 with display is lightweight and has a comfortable body shape, which allows it to be used by both children and adults. The selected type of plastic along with the heating temperature are displayed on an informative LCD display. The device allows you to create three-dimensional 3D drawings, as well as layouts, using two types of plastic: PLA and ABS. Using the slider on the body, you can easily and smoothly adjust the feed speed of the working material and the heating temperature.

The ergonomic shape of the product ensures comfort during work. The ceramic nozzle guarantees safe operation.

3D drawing can be started immediately after purchasing the product. In addition to the handle, the package includes a special stand and 3 meters of plastic.

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3D pen 3DPen-2 with a display from a 220 V networkis distinguished by an ergonomic body and low weight. The device is designed for creating layouts and three-dimensional drawings from PLA and ABS plastics. The selected type of material and the adjustable heating temperature are visible on the liquid crystal display. By moving the slider located on the body, you can change the feed speed of the plastic and its heating. The process of changing color is carried out by pushing the rod button.

After three minutes of inactivity, the pen automatically disconnects from the network. The ceramic nozzle ensures safe operation. For safe use, do not touch the nozzle while drawing. It is difficult to burn yourself with plastic - it hardens quickly, so children over eight years old can act independently, without adult supervision. Children under four years of age are prohibited from using a 3D pen.