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The stylish mini video camera MD80 Mini DV DVR will be useful for tourists, extreme sports enthusiasts, and fans of hidden camera filming. The device can be conveniently attached to clothing using a special clip or worn around the neck, providing freedom and comfort of movement. It

also functions as a webcam and can be used as a DVR. There is an automatic switch-on function from any noise. The recording can be viewed on any device via USB.

The built-in battery charge lasts for 2 hours of continuous operation. Along with the miniature gadget, the kit includes a clip holder, a silicone case, and a USB cable.

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The Sports HD DV SQ 11 mini camera is equipped with a motion sensor, invisible night infrared illumination, a 360-degree rotating holder, and a space-saving storage loop recording function.

Six bright LEDs and a viewing angle of 120 degrees ensure shooting at a distance of up to 5 m in absolute darkness. The camera can take high-quality photographs 4032x3024 and video with a resolution of 1920x1080, 1280x720. It can be used while charging, which makes it possible to extend battery life tens of times.

The operating time of a charged camera is 2-3 hours or 100 minutes in continuous recording mode.

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The Sport Cam HD 1080P action camera is a real find for people who are fond of active recreation and extreme sports. The device is an affordable alternative to an expensive sports camera and allows you to play sports while saving video recordings. To play the captured video on a smartphone or tablet, you need to add an application - any video player that supports playback of files in the required format.

The advantages of the model include a waterproof case (recording underwater is carried out at a depth of up to 30 m), wide-angle lens with high shooting quality, light weight and compact size. The current date and time are displayed on the video, which allows you to remember where and when the video was filmed. There are functions of auto-shutdown of the screen and camera, image stabilizer, cyclic recording for 10, 5 and 3 minutes, built-in microphone. Motion recording allows you to use the device as a DVR and for home video surveillance. When connected to a PC, it is possible to work in webcam mode.

The package includes: action camera, waterproof box, frame mount, protective frame, USB cable, battery, set of adapters, straps and holders. Maximum memory card – 32 GB (not included).

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