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If you travel a lot with your child, you should choose a bag taking into account both your own needs and the needs of the baby. A backpack organizer for traveling with a child will be useful on trips and on walks. With it, the most necessary things will always be at hand.

Spacious, practical, compact and convenient model contains many pockets for diapers, nappies and everything necessary for the child. A large thermal pocket will help keep the contents of the bottles warm. There is a special pocket designed for wet items. All compartments are closed with a zipper and fold easily.

Thanks to special hooks, the backpack is attached to the handle of the stroller. Additional handles make it possible to use it as a bag.

The thoughtful multifunctional design is made of lightweight, moisture-resistant, durable polyester that can withstand heavy weight. Thanks to these properties, unforeseen traffic situations will not be able to ruin a joint trip with your baby. A backpack organizer will make moving much more carefree and comfortable.