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Kylie makeup brush set 12 pcs. + the caseis designed for easy and high-quality application of decorative cosmetics. The touch of the brushes is pleasant to the skin; they allow you to apply cosmetic products in a thin layer. The set is made of high-quality artificial fiber, safe for humans, and allows you to use any cosmetics: liquid, crumbly, cream, mineral. 

The product has received many positive reviews from amateurs and professionals. 

You can clean the brushes in the usual way.

Features of Kylie makeup brushes

  • Suitable for any cosmetics, including mineral ones.< /li>
  • Evenly distribute cosmetics of any texture (liquid, compact), thanks to specially designed soft bristles.
  • Easy to clean with conventional care products.
  • Do not cause irritation.< /li>
  • In practice, they confirm the high quality proven by professionals and amateurs.

The kit contains all the necessary brushes:

    < li>foundation brush
  • concealer brush
  • powder brush
  • blush brush
  • eyebrow brush
  • brush for drawing arrows on the eyes
  • brush for applying shadows
  • brush for shading shadows
  • brush for placing accents
  • small brush with a rounded shape
  • lipstick brushes
  • universal brush
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Collagen regenerative night cream works while you sleep. The anti-aging composition of the cosmetic product will help make your facial skin perfect. The nourishing formula of the cream was developed by Israeli scientists, who used only highly effective and safe cosmetic ingredients in its creation. Collagen regenerative night cream improves blood circulation and metabolism, activates cellular regeneration, supplies nutrients, tones, moisturizes. The cream is intended for all skin types.

Purpose: Improves microcirculation and metabolism, activates cell regeneration, tones the skin and replenishes nutritional deficiencies. 

Skin type: All types

Use time: Night

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  • Type: eyelash curler
  • Color: green
  • Units in one product: 1
  • Purpose: electric eyelash curler
  • Battery capacity: 350 mAh
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Product net weight: 32 g
  • Number of gears: 3 gears
  • Temperature: 65°-85°
  • Heating up: for 3.15°C

Contents: 1x electric eyelash curler