Cosmetic bags

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Set of 6 Laundry Pouch organizers is made of durable waterproof material (mesh, polyester). The products are designed to conveniently organize space and keep things in your suitcase clean, protected from moisture, dirt, and dust. Taking the Laundry Pouch on a business trip or a trip to the seaside, you can appreciate its advantages: having sorted things into separate organizers, you don’t need to worry that they might get lost, everything will be arranged beautifully and neatly in its place. This is a real find for families traveling with babies who often need to change clothes.

  • Set of 6 organizers.
  • Size (w., h.): 40x30, 33x26, 25x16, 26x24, 30x21, 31x28 cm.
  • Material: polyester + mesh.

Purpose: to organize space in a suitcase

3 organizers made of thick fabric and 3 made of mesh.

Organizers can be used at home; they are suitable for storing cosmetics, hygiene items, wardrobe items, documents, medicines and much more. etc.

Closed with a zipper.


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    •  36x27 cm.
    • 31x23 cm.
    • 32x22 cm.
    • 27x19 cm.
    • 17x14 cm.
    • 15x19 cm.
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    Folding women's mesh cosmetic bag with a zipper 4 in 1 will help you keep everything you need for applying makeup and skin care in order. Multifunctional pockets conveniently store the accessories you need for everyday use. Keep everything in one place for quick access at any time, which is especially important when you're in a hurry.

    Take a portable, spacious cosmetic bag with you on the road. Put in it cosmetics, hair ties and other little things every woman needs, as well as a set of first aid medications. The mesh will protect your cosmetics from leaking if the packaging is damaged.


    • Material: polyester
    • Size: extended size - about length * width 55 * 23 cm,
    • Folded size: length * width 24 * 15 cm, small mesh bag - about length * width 22 * 5 cm, large mesh bag length * width 22 *13 cm