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Popsocket (popsocket) – a folding holder for any brand of mobile phone or tablet, making it easier to interact with the device without fear of dropping it. A new trend in the world of mobile accessories provides:

* safe grip when taking photographs;

* ease of writing messages with one hand;

* ease of reading books, watching TV series;

* comfort of using headphones without tangling wires using two special holders.

The convenient folding design of the popsocket allows you to carry the phone in your pocket. There is a magnetic mount for the car, which is installed in the climate system deflector, ensuring reliable fixation of the gadget. A variety of designs will highlight the individual style of each owner.

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A wireless monopod with a built-in tripod, Gimbal Stabilizer L08 will be useful for bloggers and fans of shooting motion pictures and making action videos. This is a tool with excellent ergonomics, made of high-quality durable materials using the latest scientific technologies, capable of turning an ordinary smartphone into a professional photo or video camera for long-range and panoramic shooting.

Function stabilizer allows you to get a stable picture: clear, without blurry or shaky frames. Advanced functionality and several operating modes, a high-precision gyroscope, special sensors, and a brushless motor allow you to take high-quality pictures in vertical and horizontal positions. The Bluetooth button allows you to control shooting without touching your smartphone.
The monopod is compatible with IOS and Android devices.


    • Product size: 68.5x39.5x190 ~ 860 mm< /li>
    • Tripod length: up to 86 cm
    • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 m
    • Battery: CR1632< /li>
    • Battery capacity: 450 mha
    • Phone size: 4.0-6.2 inches
    • Rotation angle: 360 degrees
    • Compatibility: iOS, Android
    • Material: plastic, metal

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