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A miniature women's umbrella in a “Capsule” case fits in the palm of your hand, but at the same time provides reliable protection from bad weather. It will fit comfortably in a raincoat pocket, a small handbag, or a car glove compartment. When unfolded, the umbrella is not inferior to its larger counterparts and will be indispensable during walks. Stylish, eye-catching with bright colors and a memorable appearance, this practical item will be an excellent gift idea.

The capsule-case looks like a tablet with multi-colored halves, one of which matches the color of the nylon dome. A high-quality coating protects the fabric from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, maintaining the brightness of the color for a long time.


  • Diameter of the open dome: 870 mm
  • Weight: 197 g
  • Height of the opened umbrella: 540 mm
  • Folded umbrella: length - 18 cm, width 5 cm< /span>
  • Umbrella opening method: mechanical
  • The design consists of 6 spokes and 5 bends, designed for the most compact folding
  • Color: black, turquoise, yellow, pink
  • The kit includes a case and a capsule - packaging
  • Country of origin: China

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  • Umbrella design: 4 folds
  • Umbrella mechanism: Mechanical
  • Dome diameter: 90 cm
  • Folded length: 18 cm
  • Dome material: Nylon
  • Handle material: ABS plastic
  • Number of spokes: 6
  • Type: Umbrella
  • Gender: Female
  • Target audience: Adults
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Antistorm: Yes
  • Print type: Without pattern
  • Packaging: Easy pack

Includes: Umbrella. Case