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Hand warmer is a godsend for those who don’t like to be cold. When even very warm mittens do not save, the latest achievements of science and progress come to the rescue. A simple device will help warm not only your hands, feet, gloves, shoes, mittens, but also your smartphone. If you put a heating pad in your pocket next to your phone in severe frost, the battery will not die from the low temperature. This heater will be especially useful:

* people working in harsh climatic conditions and spending a lot of time outdoors;

* fans of winter sports;

* travelers;< /span>

* who are interested in winter fishing and hunting;

< span>* suffering from impaired arterial blood supply to the upper and lower extremities, as a result of which they are constantly cold.


  • Heating pad size - 10.2*2.5 cm
  • Weight 135 g
  • Built-in battery - 5000 mAh
  • Charges via cable
  • Includes heating pad, cable, cord , case, English-Chinese instructions.
  • Colors - black, gold, pink
  • Manufacture: China

Works for 3-4 hours in heating mode.

How to turn on the heating mode:

Press and hold the button on the front of the device for 3 seconds to turn on the heating mode (three red LEDs will light up)

Next, with one click of a button, you can change modes:

3 LEDs—high mode (50 degrees)

2 LEDs - medium mode (42 degrees)

1 LED - weak (39 degrees)

Press 2 times - turn off the heating.

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Sakura Binoculars 30x60 pocket binoculars with a special film coating on the lenses are convenient and practical to use. Despite its small size and weight, the device has powerful magnification with high image clarity.

Mini binoculars are convenient for transportation. You can take it to concerts, sporting and other events, outdoor trips, and tourist trips. The device is characterized by easy setup and fast focusing.

The kit includes a bag-case and a cloth for wiping lenses.

Technical characteristics of binoculars Sakura 30 x 60:

  • Magnification: 30 * 60
  • Overview: 7.2°; 126m/1000m
  • Lens diameter: approx. 2.3cm
  • Folded size: approx. 9 * 6 * 4 cm
  • Maximum size: 9 * 10.5 * 4 cm
  • Product weight: 163 g
  • Color: black

Sakura binocular set 30 x 60 :

Sakura binoculars

Black bag-case
Cloth for cleaning lenses

See how it works:

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Multifunctional Telescope 4 in 1 monocular with laser pointer will allow you to examine the smallest details of urban architecture and natural objects. The comfortable case with a rubber shell is easy to hold and does not slip in rainy and cold weather. If the monocular falls, the rubber coating will soften the mechanical shock and prevent it from breaking.

An anti-reflective multi-layer coating is applied to the optics, allowing for increased light transmission, significantly improving contrast, clarity and brightness, making the picture very detailed. Field of view – up to 1 km.

The package includes: monocular, compass, laser pointer, flashlight. Power is supplied from a replaceable LR44 battery. The device operates at temperatures from -40C to +50C.

  • Product type: monocular
  • Lens: widescreen
  • Compass, laser pointer
  • Field of view: up to 1000 meters
  • Power: LR44 battery (can be replaced)
  • Operating temperature range: from -40 to +50
  • Dimensions: 9.0 x 4.0 x 2.5 cm
  • < li>Color: black, green
  • Country of origin: China
  • Monocular Multifunctional Telescope
  • Instructions
  • Packaging

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  • Ignition method: piezoelectric
  • Lighter design: geometric
  • Lighter shape: classic
  • Type: electric pulse lighter
  • Features: refillable, USB connector, with flashlight
  • Color: khaki
  • Length, mm: 130
  • Operating time, hours: 4
  • Charging: via USB

See how it works:

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  • Type: compact walkie-talkie with a signal transmission range of 5 - 10 km
  • Case material: aluminum, plastic
  • Interface: none
  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: ip 65
  • Type of radio station: UHF
  • Height: 6 cm
  • Width : 18 cm
  • Number of channels: 16 pcs.
  • Number of walkie-talkies included: 2 pcs.
  • Minimum range: 3000 m
  • Maximum range: 5000 m
  • Battery charging time: 2 min
  • Battery operating time: 10 hours
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Power: from battery, from power supply
  • Frequency range: UHF400-470MHZ
  • Channel memory: 16
  • Channel interval: 25 KHz
  • Supply voltage: 3.7 V
  • Battery capacity: H-1500MAh Li-ion, 10 hours of operation 
  • Operating temperature: -30C +60C 
  • li>Antenna resistance: 50 
  • Dimensions: 98x57x29 mm 
  • Weight: 170 g 
  • Broadcast range: up to 5 km. in open areas 
  • Transmitter: yes
  • RF output: up to 5W 
  • Modulation: F3E
  • Spurious radiation: 65dB < /li>
  • Transmitting voltage: 1.3A 
  • Receiver: yes
  • Sensitivity: 0.20 uV 
  • Selectivity: 55dB/50dB 
  • Mutual modulation: 65dB 
  • Radio interference: 60dB, FM noise: 45dB - 40dB 
  • Sound output power: l000 mW 
  • Voltage in standby mode: 15mA (in economy mode).