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Radar Detector 360 will tell you about the presence of police radars on the way and will add comfort to the driver when driving. The device operates in all ranges and detects laser systems that jam the signal reception. The advantages of the model include:

* filters that prevent false positives;

* notifications (tone, voice);

* sound settings;

* adjustable display brightness;< /span>

* 360 degree view;

* operating temperature range from –40°С to +50°С;

* nice, laconic design;

* simple menu;

* long service life;

* affordable price.

Information about condition charging, operating ranges, etc. are displayed on a small, convenient diode display. With regular updates, the device detects speed control devices with a minimum number of false alarms.

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Bluetooth car scanner ELM 327 is a device for diagnosing electronic problems of a car and identifying possible engine malfunctions. Thanks to it, you can monitor the status of sensors and interaction units with the control unit (ECU) and on-board computer. The work is performed using a PC or smartphone - the received data is displayed on the screen.

Self scanning has been very popular in recent years. The main reason for the demand for car scanners is to reduce vehicle maintenance costs. A similar service in a car service costs about 500-8000 rubles, so the device pays for itself very quickly - in just 3-4 visits to the service station.

The car scanner is compatible with almost all brands of American and American cars.

This may be the following data:< /span>

  • Fuel balancing;
  • < span>Fuel consumption, km/l;
  • Mass air consumption;< /span>
  • Throttle position;
  • State of the fuel system and fuel consumption indicator;
  • Movement speed;
  • Travel time from the start of movement or from the moment the motor starts;< /span>
  • Emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
  • Acceleration sensor;
  • Intake air temperature;
  • Volume of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • Calculated load value;
  • Others parameters, depending on the individual choice when setting up the auto scanner.

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