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The DIY Projection Lamp will be appreciated by fans of original parties. The device includes six LED bulbs that create a rotating and swirling light, producing a flickering effect. The package includes 12 replacement image cartridges. (moving multi-colored hearts, snowflakes, snowmen, etc.).

The projector is suitable for garden decoration and home use. The lighting zone includes 15-30 m3 of area. A durable aluminum housing reliably protects the device from mechanical damage and moisture penetration.

Technical characteristics:

  • < span>Lighting area: 15-30 square meters
  • Voltage: 110-225 V 
  • Power source: AC < /span>
  • Protection degree: IP65 < /span>
  • Temperature range: -25...40< /span>
  • Output voltage: 12 V 500 mA

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The Window Projector turns ordinary windows into magical screens. To do this, you need to curtain the window opening with a white cloth, place a projector in front of it and select one of the videos built into the program. From the street side you will see an animated show that will lift your spirits.

Despite the internal complexity of the device, consisting of video amplifiers, a cooling system, etc., You can change the video with one click of a button. Viewing is recommended in the dark to get a clearer image.

The kit includes: projector, AC adapter, projection screen, 6 movies in high definition resolution (videos for New Year, Halloween, Christmas and other holidays), swivel stand with a rotation angle of 360 degrees.

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This device is designed to recreate the festive atmosphere at home in a disco, club, etc. Thanks to the acoustic control function, the laser projection matches the rhythm of the music with appropriate fades and fades! The laser seems to be dancing to the music!

Mini Laser Stage Lighting is a powerful red-green laser projector with acoustic control function. The Mini Laser Stage Lighting laser projector also has a strobe function. You can independently regulate the frequency of laser flashes, you can change the speed of image conversion. The projection angle is approximately 120 degrees.

See how it works:

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