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Multifunctional car vacuum cleaner with water collection function Vacuum Cleaner Portable features increased power, thanks to which effectively cleans the car interior, upholstered furniture and carpets at home or in the country. It not only easily copes with any debris , removing it from the most hard-to-reach places, but is also capable of sucking up accidentally spilled liquid.

The advantages of the vacuum cleaner include:

  • < p>compact dimensions and light weight;

  • comfortable ergonomic handle;

  • simplicity control;

  • easy assembly and disassembly with one click;

  • reusable washable filter, designed for long-term effective service;

  • powerful reliable engine;

  • long wire 4.5 m,

  • < li>

    possibility of operation from the mains and from the cigarette lighter , etc.

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How to place a large number of necessary things: an umbrella, a flashlight, magazines, newspapers, a thermos, a bottle of water, a child’s favorite toy, which no longer fit in the glove compartment? An organizer for a car seat will help bring order to the interior - household items will lie in one place and be at hand.

A compact and convenient device is attached to the back of one of the front seats and is a cover with large and small pockets. Caring for the organizer will not be a hassle: it is made of durable waterproof fabric treated with a dirt-repellent compound, so the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The dimensions of the product are universal, suitable for any seat.

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Radar Detector 360 will tell you about the presence of police radars on the way and will add comfort to the driver when driving. The device operates in all ranges and detects laser systems that jam the signal reception. The advantages of the model include:

* filters that prevent false positives;

* notifications (tone, voice);

* sound settings;

* adjustable display brightness;< /span>

* 360 degree view;

* operating temperature range from –40°С to +50°С;

* nice, laconic design;

* simple menu;

* long service life;

* affordable price.

Information about condition charging, operating ranges, etc. are displayed on a small, convenient diode display. With regular updates, the device detects speed control devices with a minimum number of false alarms.

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A rear view mirror with a built-in video recorder will help you prove that you are right. By presenting a recording of the incident for trial, you can be sure that the punishment of the culprit will be deserved.

Unlike standard analogues, which have certain disadvantages, the auto device has a number of advantages:

* wide viewing angle, allowing you to record what is happening on the road and side of the road;

* built-in display for easy viewing of recordings inside the car after an accident;

* special coating, protects against rear glare;

* a set of useful functions (cyclic recording, auto-start, night photography, etc.).

* no fasteners in the cabin.

In addition, the device is equipped with parking sensors - novice car enthusiasts and those who prefer driving during rush hour will definitely appreciate this. The device belongs to a new type of equipment that does not need to be taken with you when leaving the car. Visually, such a DVR is practically indeterminable when turned off - it looks like an ordinary mirror and is unlikely to be of interest to robbers.

Technical characteristics:< /b>
  • 2.7 inch LCD screen
  • AVI video
  • Photo JPG
  • Built-in lithium polymer battery
  • Speaker/microphone - built-in
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10 to 60 Celsius
  • < li> Recording cycle: support 3 minutes; 5 minutes; 10 minutes
  • Menu language: Chinese; English; Russian; German and others.

To control the recorder, there are several buttons at the bottom of the mirror that are understandable to every person. The package includes instructions.


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Bluetooth car scanner ELM 327 is a device for diagnosing electronic problems of a car and identifying possible engine malfunctions. Thanks to it, you can monitor the status of sensors and interaction units with the control unit (ECU) and on-board computer. The work is performed using a PC or smartphone - the received data is displayed on the screen.

Self scanning has been very popular in recent years. The main reason for the demand for car scanners is to reduce vehicle maintenance costs. A similar service in a car service costs about 500-8000 rubles, so the device pays for itself very quickly - in just 3-4 visits to the service station.

The car scanner is compatible with almost all brands of American and American cars.

This may be the following data:< /span>

  • Fuel balancing;
  • < span>Fuel consumption, km/l;
  • Mass air consumption;< /span>
  • Throttle position;
  • State of the fuel system and fuel consumption indicator;
  • Movement speed;
  • Travel time from the start of movement or from the moment the motor starts;< /span>
  • Emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
  • Acceleration sensor;
  • Intake air temperature;
  • Volume of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • Calculated load value;
  • Others parameters, depending on the individual choice when setting up the auto scanner.

? See how it works:

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Ensure your safety with the help of a car DVR with 3 cameras DVR-H33. One of them is remote, but records in normal mode. Once reverse gear is engaged, it can be used as a rear view tracking device. The device is secured using a suction cup located on the bracket. Thanks to the HDR function, high-quality shooting is possible in the dark. Video in AVI format has high (1080/720/480) resolution. The functionality includes a microphone with a high-sensitivity speaker, allowing you to make recordings with sound. Supports microSD memory card (maximum 32 GB). The G-sensor ensures that the archive is not overwritten in case of an unexpectedly sharp change in the position of the vehicle and from erasing files.

Large color 4-inch IPS HD The monitor can be used for viewing in the car without connecting to other gadgets. On the display, the driver also sees what is recorded by the DVR, thanks to which he can control the current situation.

Characteristics: < /span>

Display 4" IPS HD< /span>
Video resolution 1080/720/480
Built-in speaker is
Built-in microphone yes
Support memory cards microSD (up to 32 GB)
G-sensor is
Interface mini-USB 2.0
Power DC 5V 1A
Number of cameras 3
Video format AVI (MPEG)
< span>Photo format JPEG
Supply set: 
< span>Video recorder DVR-H33 1 piece
Car charger 1 piece
Suction cup holder  1 piece
Rear view camera with mounts and cable 1 piece
USB cable 1 piece
User instructions  1 piece
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< /strong>


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Transparent mirror protection Waterproof Membrane improves visibility on a rainy day, helps to expand the viewing area and prevents the risk of image distortion. Provides protection for mirrors from unwanted scratches, dust and dirt. Has anti-shock and anti-glare effect. Micro nano coating of the protective film with a high degree of light transmission functions as an anti-fog, protects against water and oil stains.

The big advantages are the ease of installation of the film, its light weight and versatility. The product is suitable for most vehicles with standard size mirrors (including SUVs, cargo vans, etc.). Available in round and oval shapes.

< /span>

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< strong>

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Car vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner – a wireless device with suction and blowing functions, ideal for keeping the car interior clean and tidy. The high power of the 2000 mAh battery and the thoughtful ergonomic design allow you to collect dust and small debris even in very hard-to-reach areas. For maximum efficiency, several special attachments are provided. The built-in battery provides half an hour of continuous operation.

The multi-stage filter is highly durable and can be easily cleaned with water. Thanks to the built-in LED lighting, you can clean the interior at night. Light weight, compact dimensions and convenient shape allow you to place the Vacuum Cleaner in the glove compartment or cup holder. The device can be used at home to clean upholstered furniture, keyboards, etc. Before use, the vacuum cleaner must be charged using a USB cable.


  • Type: car vacuum cleaner; 
  • Feature: rechargeable; 
  • Suction power: 4500 Pa; 
  • Working power: 45 W; 
  • Voltage: 7.4 V; 
  • Battery: lithium; 
  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh ; 
  • Continuous operation time: up to 30 minutes; 
  • Charging port: USB; 
  • Case material: plastic; 
  • Color: white and black; 
  • Size: 164x147x65 mm; 
  • Box size: 18.5x15.5x6.5 cm; 
  • Weight: 450 g;


  • vacuum cleaner, replaceable attachments, charging cable, instructions, box.

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The AIPINYUE wireless car vacuum cleanerwill help keep the interior of your car, home, country house, and garage clean. The portable device will quickly and efficiently remove any contamination - crumbs, animal hair, dust, hair, etc. Special attachments are provided to penetrate hard-to-reach places. The HEPA filter effectively filters fine dust. A powerful battery ensures convenient battery life for up to 30 minutes without tangling the power cord.

Due to its light weight, the vacuum cleaner can be operated with one hand. When stored, it will not take up much space. The collected debris is easily removed and removed from the dustproof box.


  • Power: 120 W.
  • Vacuum level suction: 6000 kPa.
  • Battery capacity: cordless model 2000 mAh.
  • Battery operating time: 18 min.
  • Power cord: wired model about 4, 5 m.
  • Material: ABC plastic;
  • Size: length - 36.8 cm, diameter - 6.5 cm.
  • Weight: 580 g.
  • Has a suction power of 6000 kPa.
  • A HERA filter is installed, which is responsible for effective dust filtration.
  • The attachments included with the vacuum cleaner will help you clean hard-to-reach places.

The vacuum cleaner can be of 2 types:

  • Built-in 2000 mAh battery.


  • Vacuum cleaner - 1 pc.
  • Nozzles - 3 pcs.
  • Wire USB - 1 pc (in the version with battery)
  • Wired from the cigarette lighter at 12V.

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The VC cordless car vacuum cleaneris distinguished by its aerodynamic body shape, comfortable handle, good suction power and low noise level during operation. The compact, stylish model is equipped with two nozzles.

Many users consider a cordless vacuum cleaner to be the most convenient solution for cleaning the car interior, even in the most inaccessible and remote places. It is indispensable during dry cleaning: it easily copes with dust, sand, ash, animal hair, food crumbs and other small debris.

The mobile device can work for 13 minutes on a single Li-ion charge battery Recharging is done via USB from a cigarette lighter, power bank, laptop, or stationary outlet. Thanks to its small size, the device easily fits into the trunk.


  • Product type: battery vacuum cleaner; 
  • Power: 120 W; 
  • Suction power: about 9000 Pa; 
  • Rated voltage: DC 7.4 V; 
  • Noise level : up to 84 dB; 
  • Operating temperature: -20? to +50?; 
  • Filter element: HEPA; 
  • Battery type : lithium; 
  • Charging: USB cable; 
  • Replaceable tips: yes; 
  • Case color: black-green; < /li>
  • Case material: ABS plastic;
  • Dimensions: 20x14x4 cm; 

Includes: VC vacuum cleaner , replaceable nozzles, charging cable, instructions; 

Packaging: cardboard box.

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  • Light temperature: 5500 K
  • Control: remote control
  • Power: from the cigarette lighter
  • Fastening: quick-release, self-adhesive
  • Vehicle brand: for all brands
  • Model: for all models
  • Color: 8
  • < li>Control mode: 4 (strobe, wave, smooth extinction, pulse)
  • Color: black
  • Material: ABS plastic, aluminum, copper
  • Type of equipment : cars, SUVs, trucks and buses, aircraft, water equipment, jet skis, go-karts, ATVs, commercial vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, loaders, trailers, scooters, snowmobiles, special equipment, electric tricycle
  • Type of power supply: 12V/24V
  • Lamp type: LED
  • Voltage: 12.24 V
  • Protection level: IP67
  • Length: 3 m
  • Number of LEDs per meter: 12
  • Type: car neon strip, car backlight kit, car LED strip, car LED module
  • Security: waterproof, protection from short circuit, protection from dust and moisture, dust resistance, operation at sub-zero temperatures


  • LED strips - 4 pieces
  • Remote control - 1 piece
  • Controller with IR receiver - 1 piece

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  • Type: portable mini-wash
  • Purpose: universal
  • Material: ABS plastic< /li>
  • Power: 48 W
  • Capacity for detergent: 1 l
  • Start type: manual
  • Type of cutter: jet
  • On wheels: no
  • Attachments: for boats, for bicycles, for washing the bottom, for washing floors, for hard-to-reach places, for cleaning the floor, spray nozzle, special removable filter, jet nozzle
  • < li>Features of the mini-wash: Use of detergent, water intake from the tank, built-in water filter, pressure adjustment, safety valve
  • Maximum pressure:40 kPa
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  • Type: car video recorder
  • Mounting: on glass 
  • Angle view: 170°
  • Camera: 5 Mpx 
  • Synchronous recorder: 3-camera 
  • Screen diagonal: 4 inches 
  • Screen type: LCD
  • Resolution (video): 1920x1080 Full HD, rear 480P 
  • Video encoding: H.264 
  • Photo format: JPEG< /li>
  • Power supply: from the car network 
  • Built-in battery: 300 mAh 
  • Recording mode: cyclic, continuous 
  • Cyclic recording: 1 / 2 / 3 min 
  • Number of recording channels: 3 cameras 
  • Night vision: yes 
  • Motion sensor: yes 
  • Microphone: yes 
  • Speaker: yes 
  • Russian language: yes 
  • Memory card support: microSD 
  • Maximum capacity memory cards: 32 Gb 
  • Case material: plastic 
  • Color: black 
  • Product dimensions: 110x80x35 mm 
  • Weight product without packaging: 400 g

Contents: DVR, rear view camera, charger, set of wires and fasteners, instructions.

< b>Packaging: branded box.