100 gifts for men, suitable for any occasion


Gifts 1-10: men's accessories
Gifts from this category are a common choice when you need to congratulate a man close to you on a holiday. It is not customary to give accessories to strangers. Their choice is often associated with a subtle understanding of a person’s style and taste.
Bracelet with engraving plate in black
A bracelet is one of the few jewelry options for men. This gift can be selected depending on your preferred clothing style. An original purchase are bracelets that require the application of a dedicatory inscription or the initials of the hero of the occasion.

Gran Carro cufflinks
Cufflinks are far from being a mandatory attribute in the wardrobe of a representative of the stronger sex. But in the image of a business person, they certainly emphasize the sophistication of their owner’s style.

Personalized wallet-clutch “Premium black”
Wallets and men's purses are a universal gift that can be presented to your beloved man, husband, dad, brother or friend for any occasion. It is always relevant, even taking into account the fact that the amount of cash a modern person has is gradually decreasing. The wallet will also serve for convenient storage of bank and bonus cards.

Belt "Skull-silver"
A belt is a very common gift for a man, which can be given for almost any occasion. If you want to make this accessory more original, choose an option with an unusual buckle or take advantage of the option of engraving.

Silk men's tie in neutral tones Emilio Pucci
Of course, with the liberalization of the corporate dress code, the tie is gradually leaving the office environment, not to mention everyday wear. But even those men who don’t wear ties to work sometimes need them for certain events in life: graduation, their own wedding or one they are attending as a guest, and so on.

Folding umbrella with safety mechanism
An umbrella as a gift for a man is appropriate if you know for sure that there is such a need. Giving a third, fifth and subsequent umbrella is not the best idea and may look like a thoughtless gift. But if you know that it is needed, then choose non-trivial models that are wind-resistant and wear-resistant to emphasize your care for the recipient of the gift.

Leatherman Tread Tempo multitool watch
An accessory like a watch seems a little old-fashioned these days. Most of us know time thanks to gadgets. However, mechanical watches also have their advantages - they do not run out of batteries. In addition, they add a certain style and charm to their owner. If you are looking for a truly original and functional model, pay attention to the unusual multitool watch, the strap of which consists of more than 30 functional screwdrivers and mini-tools.

Dark brown 10 watch storage box
For those men who already have a watch, and more than one pair, a box for storing them would be an excellent gift option. This way the watch will definitely last longer and will always have a neat, presentable appearance.

Business bag made of crocodile leather
A business person will also find a briefcase or a leather folder for papers useful. Especially if your man often attends business meetings with clients and partners.

inGreed S anti-theft backpack
A man with a more free style of clothing can be given a city backpack. Pay attention to the needs of the person you are looking for a gift for. If necessary, choose models designed for laptops; backpacks with a USB connector for connecting gadgets to an external battery have also become widespread recently.

Gifts 11-15: for relaxation
Products intended for relaxation are good to give in the atmosphere of a relaxed friendly party. For example, if you are invited to the home or dacha of the hero of the occasion.
Whiskey Stones
Accessories for strong drinks, which are usually drunk chilled, are not necessary for every home, but they definitely add comfort. Whiskey stones, unlike ice cubes, do not melt in the glass and do not dilute the drink with water. In addition, they look original and add aristocratic charm to the process.

Whiskey glass with Shot bullet!
Another appropriate gift for a whiskey lover is an original glass for this drink. This is a wonderful status gift for those who know a lot about elegant things.

Design pouf La Vache
The owner of a large apartment, cottage or country house will love a designer pouf. It can be placed near the chair and comfortably accommodate your legs while resting. It will be an excellent assistant in the hallway, bedroom or office.

Grun Grass BBQ Set
Do you want to give a nice gift to a man who loves to cook barbecue and is great at it? Then, of course, buy him a set for his future culinary masterpieces! After all, the process of cooking meat over a fire is like performing a complex piece of music, where you simply cannot do without good instruments.

Foot hammock under desk GRAY with USB heating
A foot hammock is a very original and, at the same time, practical gift. If you want to please a man who prefers to spend time comfortably at a computer desk, such a hammock will come in handy!

Gifts 16-20: for the home
It's not just women who are given gifts for the home. A man can also be the recipient of useful household appliances, textiles and home decor elements.
Personalized apron “Always cooks deliciously”
If a man knows how and loves to cook, this quality can be rewarded with appropriate gifts. For example, a customizable apron is ideal when you want to show how much you appreciate the culinary skills of your husband, friend, or father.

Men's robe with embroidery “Tsar, just a Tsar”
A cozy personalized bathrobe for a man with embroidery “Tsar, just a Tsar” will give tenderness and comfort to the head of the family. With this gift you will emphasize respect and good attitude towards the hero of the occasion. Such things are certainly suitable as a gift only for a loved one.

White towel with name embroidery
Another option for a cozy gift for the home is a towel with personalized embroidery. However, you can buy such a towel for your husband before your vacation so that he can use it as a beach towel. Stylish color, soft fabric and good absorbency will delight your loved one.

Lamp with a portrait based on your photo Purple neon
Choose your favorite photo of a man for this lamp, and you will have a great gift that can be given on any occasion. Soft warm light will provide a decorative effect to any room where a person rests or works.

Weather station
A desktop weather station with a clock is a device that measures ambient temperature and pressure. Useful for those who are susceptible to weather dependence and want to keep abreast of the slightest fluctuations in weather indicators.

Gifts 21-25: extreme
For thrill-seekers, choose gifts that suit their personality. There will always be some kind of entertainment that your adrenaline junkie hasn't tried yet.
Tandem parachute jump for two (with photo/video)
Many extreme guys first of all strive to jump with a parachute, if for your man this is still only a dream and not a reality, help make it come true. A tandem jump with an instructor is just the right way to start parachuting.

Solo parachute jump (1 person)
An independent parachute jump is a great gift for the bravest and most determined men.

Robinson R44: flight to Myachkovo (20 minutes + banner + GoPro)
The modern entertainment industry has come so far that even a helicopter ride is now available to almost everyone. This experience will delight a man who has dreamed of flying a helicopter since childhood. You can order different types of programs: sightseeing flights, air excursions, piloting lessons.

5 minutes of flight in the I-Fly wind tunnel (1 person, video)
The incredible pleasure of free falling can be experienced without skydiving or even without going to great heights at all. The wind tunnel provides this opportunity, and you can present this experience to your husband, son or brother by purchasing the corresponding certificate as a gift.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit VAULT INC
An extreme guy will definitely need a survival kit, you never know what difficult conditions his thirst for adventure will take him into. Everything you need to survive for three days is contained in one kit, which is convenient to put in your car or take on a walking or cycling trip.

Gifts 26-30: clothes
You can give some clothes to a family member or close relative, while such gifts are certainly not given to colleagues or your boss. If you are not sure that you will guess the model or color, in this case you can get by with a certificate or a store gift card.
Sweatshirt with your date "I'm on Earth"
A sweatshirt is quite a practical thing; such a gift for a husband, beloved boyfriend or brother will be appropriate for any occasion. If you want to add originality to your gift, choose options with an interesting print, the ability to put your own inscription or personalize it.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then you can get by with a T-shirt, in which case it is easier to choose the size, and the item of clothing is more versatile. A T-shirt can be worn not only when going out, but also at home.

Men's silk pajamas with trousers and shirt “Chocolate”
A good gift for your beloved man or close relative will be high-quality men's pajamas made of satin silk.

Certificate for custom tailoring of a suit
You can also help a loved one get the perfect classic men's suit. You simply give a certificate for tailoring, and the recipient chooses the fabric, style, and color. According to his measurements, the craftsmen sew the suit.

Halstech men's striped scarf
If you're looking for that one item that definitely doesn't need trying on, buy a scarf. This can be either a winter scarf under a jacket or an elegant men's scarf under a classic demi-season coat.

Gifts 31-35: electronic
The huge variety of technology and electronics that the modern male uses every day of his life opens up almost endless horizons of gift ideas for you. And these are not only phones, tablets, laptops, but also all kinds of accessories and additional devices for familiar gadgets.
Uniscend Tappy wireless speaker
Tastes and preferences are an important tool for generating gift ideas. If a man loves music, give him the opportunity to easily and simply take it with him always and everywhere. A wireless speaker with a built-in power supply will provide this.

Nextlevel wireless headphones
Music lovers and gamers also need headphones. However, if he is a music lover or a gamer, then he most likely already has them. Well, what if they just broke down? Or maybe he needs better and more expensive headphones than the ones he already has? Here's another idea for you.

Personalized external battery “Energy Reserve”
Every modern person needs an external battery that you can take with you. A discharged mobile phone certainly does not add convenience to everyday life. And this is especially true for those who actively use all the achievements of the technological process. The inability to connect to the necessary services from cards to mobile banking anywhere will not please anyone.

4smarts VR Spectator virtual reality glasses
Virtual glasses are an innovative way to add variety to computer games for the avid gamer. Immersion in virtual reality is becoming a daily occurrence for advanced young people.

Tray table for gadgets
If your man works a lot on a laptop or tablet from home or other places other than the office, the issue of arranging a workplace almost anywhere will be resolved if you give him a convenient stand for gadgets.

Gifts 36-45: impressive
A separate category of practical gifts are training courses and certificates for impressions. These are not the usual material goods that you can touch with your hands. But the value of gifts is not in their cost, but in what exactly they can give to the recipient. New experiences and impressions are valued more than just another trinket.
Gift certificate for a jeep tour
A brutal guy will probably enjoy the adventure behind the wheel of a “charged” SUV, prepared to overcome difficult off-road conditions: driving through swamps, ruts, tree debris, clearings, slides, hills, descents and ascents, not to mention huge and deep puddles, fords, streams, muddy roads and a complete lack of roads!

30 minutes flight on Aquila A210
A 30-minute flight on a two-seater light aircraft Aquila A 210 will give you no less emotions.

20 minutes flight on a gyroplane
If you want even more unusual sensations, choose as a gift a flight on a gyroplane - a light rotary-wing aircraft. During flight, it rests on the bearing surface of the propeller, which rotates freely in flight under the influence of currents. They are much easier to control than an airplane or helicopter.

Zipline ride (1 adult)
50 seconds of freedom and contemplation of the mesmerizing views of the capital will be provided by a Zipline descent at a speed of up to 60 km/h.

Certificate for jet skiing
For speed, drive and a truly summer vacation, you can go to the Pirogovskoye Reservoir: a certificate for 60 minutes of jet skiing will give you the opportunity to get unforgettable emotions! What could be better than rushing forward, cutting through the waves, feeling the splashes on your face and the rush of adrenaline throughout your body!

A skydive is a great gift for a strong-willed man who wants to experience free fall by jumping from a height of 4000 m.

15 minutes in a wind tunnel on the Moscow Ring Road
If a man wants to get unusual sensations in safer conditions, a certificate for a wind tunnel flight would be an excellent gift option. Such an adventure will allow you to feel a free fall, while maintaining the confidence that the floor nearby is solid, reliable, and stable.

Program "Weightlessness"
The Zero Gravity program is a cosmic gift that is unlikely to leave indifferent even the most sophisticated man who has tried almost everything in life!

Master class on Robinson R44
A sightseeing tour by helicopter around the capital or a master class with a pro at the helm? You decide! No special preparation is required. All you need is the desire to fly. Choose an adventure that your man will like!

Individual hot air balloon flight for two “Extreme”
A hot air balloon flight is a pleasant surprise for a relative, a romantic date with a loved one and an original gift for business partners. Give a ride in a hot air balloon and enjoy the trip with your family and friends.

Single fitness membership
A single subscription that provides access to various sports studios, fitness clubs and wellness centers will be a good gift for a man leading an active lifestyle.

Gifts 46-50: motivational
In this section, we have collected gift ideas that motivate, give strength, self-confidence, and in some places stroke the self-esteem of those for whom they are intended.
Portrait from photo
A portrait from a photo is not an option for mediocre individuals. Of course, not everyone is able to look at themselves and admire themselves every day. But if there really is something to be proud of, your man is the real head of the family, who has achieved visible success in any area of life, then he will appreciate such a gift.

Personal glossy magazine
Nothing motivates you more than knowing that your loved ones believe in you. You can demonstrate this belief in many ways, for example, by constantly talking about it. Well, or give motivating gifts. For example, a personal glossy magazine designed in the style of Forbes. Just like the real thing, but on the cover it’s your hero.

Souvenir “Hollywood Star”
You can congratulate you on your birthday or on any other holiday by presenting an award, for example, a “Hollywood Star” with a name. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time, especially if it is given on the date when the man’s achievements are honored.

Dream and Do Board
If a man has a dream, the Dream and Do Board will help turn it into reality. When we congratulate someone on the holidays, we wish that their dreams come true. Dream and Do Board allows you to realize your dream as a goal and make plans for its implementation.

Motivational plastic scratch-off poster “100 things to do”
The motivational scratch-off poster “100 things to do” is a list of tasks for those who want to live every day brightly and get the most out of life! Such a gift will help you improve, overcome yourself and instill useful habits. According to the manufacturer of the scratch poster, 21 days are allotted for this, during which you must complete certain tasks by erasing the layer in the appropriate window. And after that, according to psychologists, you become the owner of a new habit, for example, devoting 20 minutes every day to learning a foreign language.

Gifts 51-55: business
Universal gifts that can be presented not only to a family member or loved one, but also to a colleague, boss, co-worker - writing instruments, accessories for the office and work.
925 sterling silver pen with “Dante” engraving
One example of such gifts are pens. The variety of models and wide price range allow you to choose a beautiful, stylish accessory for both a colleague on February 23rd and for your boss on an anniversary, with the whole department contributing, if we are talking about an expensive exclusive pen.

Celebrity set: pen and leather diary with engraving
It can also be a set consisting of a pen and a diary. For a person who is used to surrounding himself with status things, a gift should be chosen accordingly. If we are talking about some memorable date: an anniversary or retirement, give preference to things that can be engraved with wishes or an aphorism that suits the occasion.

Business card holder with "Boss" engraving
Despite the fact that with the development of technology, we increasingly trust our electronic devices to store contacts, we still exchange paper business cards with partners and clients at meetings and business negotiations. Therefore, a stylish business card holder as a gift for a business person is an accessory that is certainly worth considering.

Leather ring organizer Major
A notebook organizer made of genuine leather with a replaceable block, a place for attaching a pen and a compartment for business cards is another practical gift for an office worker. The possibility of engraving will add uniqueness to the organizer.

USB heated foot hammock under desk
A real breakthrough in the category of products for comfort in the workplace was the appearance of a hammock for feet under a desk. Acting as a stand, it relieves tension from the knees when sitting in one position for a long time. There are also models heated to a pleasant 45 degrees, which are good for use in the cold season.

Gifts 56-60: delicious
If you want to please your man with something nice for the holiday, but don’t have time to think about the gift, don’t rush to the shaving department. Another shaving foam is clearly not something you can surprise with. But unusual tasty gifts are another matter.
King Nut Box Gift Set
A vegan or just a fan of a healthy lifestyle will be pleased with a cute box with seven types of nuts. A healthy treat can be given not only for any occasion, but also simply as a sign of attention.

Honey gift set “With wishes for a sweet life”
A set of several types of honey is a sweet compliment that can be given to anyone: family members and friends. This option is also good when you want to express gratitude to a doctor or teacher; women in such a situation are given a chocolate bar or a box of chocolates, but honey looks like a more universal gift here.

Jam Session Gift Set
Sweet gifts can be combined with practical ones. Interestingly, this is implemented in the Jam Session gift set. There are blackcurrant, citrus, cherry jams and an Easy wireless speaker.

Whiskey Box Gift Set
If you want to give a man a good bottle of whiskey, but you think it’s trivial to present it simply in a bag, we have an original option. This is the Whiskey Box gift set, which includes an exquisite handcrafted wooden box, chocolates, nuts, coffee and jam, two whiskey glasses and cooling stones. And you can add any bottle of whiskey to the set at your discretion.

VIP coffee set: Kopi Luwak, Jacu Bird, Bat
A box with rare exotic varieties of coffee is a gift idea either for connoisseurs of fine drinks, or for a person who already has everything, and choosing something unusual for him is not so easy. By the way, you can put a commemorative inscription on the box in the form of an engraving.

Gifts 61-65: automotive
There are probably those in your circle who cannot imagine life without a car, and such people are not averse to receiving car gifts. These could be nice accessories or technical innovations.
A gift set of car cosmetics is for real pedants who prefer the best when it comes to caring for their car. Only premium quality products will ensure ideal cleanliness, shine and gloss of the interior.

Gift set with your logo (pillow + pads)
For any men's holiday or the day of purchasing a new “iron horse,” present a gift set with the car logo, which includes a pillow and seat belt pads.

It’s even scary not to use DVRs in our country. You never know, but how can you then prove that you’re right? For those who are especially wary, there are also models with two cameras, for example, the CARCAM F3 video recorder records a view not only of the front, but also of the back.

Leather wallet with engraving
A cover for car documents or even a more extended version of it - a car wallet will help you store all your car documents in one place and in order. In addition, you can put discount and bonus cards for repair and car wash services in your car wallet. After all, it’s much more convenient to find them than in a regular wallet or cardholder, where there are already a lot of other cards.

Portable autostart device for car 3 in 1
A very useful device is a portable autostart for a 3 in 1 car. Almost every car owner has encountered the situation of a low battery, and they all know that it is very inconvenient and awkward. You need to either contact other drivers on the road or call a specialized service. It's a completely different matter if you have autostart. You can not only start a car engine, but also use the device as an external battery for a tablet or phone. And the 3 in 1 autostart also has a flashlight function.

Gifts 76-90: sports
There are many interesting gifts you can choose for men who are interested in sports. At the same time, we are not necessarily talking about professional athletes. Even if your husband, dad, friend, brother or boyfriend has decided that he will now go to the gym or run at the local park in the morning, this is already a great reason to look for a sports gift for encouragement.
Electronic pedometer
A pedometer is a useful device for those who need to accurately track the number of steps and kilometers traveled. And if a man is also trying to lose weight, then a calorie burn counter will be a nice addition.

Ringside pneumatic bulb
A punching bag is a very original gift and, perhaps, most men will be pleasantly surprised by it. Taking up not so much space in the apartment, it will help in training, and will simply serve to relieve stress and relieve negative emotions.

Balancing disc Pilates Air Cushion
The Pilates Air Cushion balance disc is a useful device for improving the quality of your workouts. Thanks to it, more muscles are involved in the process, improving the sense of balance and coordination.

Fitness club membership
What are the benefits of a fitness club membership? It does not limit who you give it to in choosing the type of training. A man will be able to attend both strength and cardio training. And also martial arts sections and even a swimming pool and much more, depending on what exactly a particular club offers.

Personalized diary "Training Diary"
The “Workout Diary” diary with personalization, that is, the name of the person to whom you give it, will encourage you not to miss workouts, make a plan and track your progress. With such a gift, the goal will be much closer than it seemed at first.

Fitness roller “Tube”
The massage roller is suitable for those who train at home. After exercising to strengthen your muscles, always do stretching exercises. They must last at least 10 minutes. Place the fitness roller on the floor, lie on it with your lower back, placing your feet on the floor. While supporting the rest of your body, roll the roller up to your neck and down again. Several of these approaches will relieve tension in all areas of the spine.

Table tennis set
If a man is into ping pong, then a table tennis set is what you need! Now you don’t have to leave your apartment to practice your favorite sports, even if it’s small. The set can be installed on any table. You can organize family tournaments.

Nodor Sport Darts Set (Intermediate)
Another opportunity to practice your favorite sport or learn a new one without leaving home. We are talking about a set for playing darts. You can choose a set from beginner to professional depending on the skill level of the hero of the occasion.

Golf set
Office golf is entertainment for the majority of people who cannot afford traditional golf. This sport is very expensive. But the mini-option is affordable for everyone. That is why it is so popular in many countries around the world.

Horizontal bars-press 3in1 “Multi-grip”
One of the most versatile tools for playing sports at home is the 3in1 multifunctional horizontal bar. It is designed for a variety of workouts not only for the upper body. Leg and abdominal exercises can also be performed on this machine.

Shaker Super Hero Hulk
Those who approach training thoroughly and also monitor nutrition will need a shaker. Athletes mix protein shakes in it. They, in turn, help build muscle mass.

Jump rope with electronic jump counter
Jumping rope is a simple and affordable exercise that provides cardio and also helps you lose weight. Many athletes include them in their training routine. A jump rope with an electronic jump counter allows you to clearly determine the amount of planned load and gradually increase it.

Universal exercise expander “Top Fit”
A huge number of different exercises can be done with just one universal “Top Fit” expander exercise machine. An excellent solution if for some reason you cannot go to the gym.

Fitness set “Strong”
A beautifully designed gift set for “Strong” includes fitness bands with a case and a workout diary. Convenient to take with you to the gym. You can also practice at home. Your athlete will definitely like it.

Fitness bracelet Mi Band 3
Our selection of sports gifts is completed by an extremely useful gadget – the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet. What can it do? Enough to become a constant companion for a physically active man. Namely: track heart rate, count steps, calories, monitor sleep patterns. And also transfer all this information to a special application on your smartphone.

Gifts 91-95: for health
If you want to demonstrate your care for your man, pay attention to health gifts. What kind of goods could these be? The most varied: from an air purifier for the home to stylish masks designed to protect against infections. There are also orthopedic mattresses and pillows, all kinds of massagers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters. Let's talk about some of these products in more detail.
Protective mask “Respirator”
Who said that the mask must be a boring ondorase mask from a pharmacy. Demand creates supply, and hundreds of companies have already started producing original masks. Gradually, this essential item during the epidemic is turning into a stylish accessory. Like, for example, the “Respirator” protective mask.

Foot massager “Bliss Pro”
A foot massager will help relieve fatigue after a hard day at work. A compact home device will serve as an alternative to visiting a massage parlor if you do not have such an opportunity.

Ultrasonic humidifier Brayer BR4704
In apartment buildings, dry air is a common problem that affects people’s well-being. The Brayer Ultrasonic Humidifier does the job perfectly. It has been proven that viruses and bacteria live longer and are more actively transmitted from person to person in a room with dry air.

Salt lamp “Table fireplace”
The salt lamp serves as a decorative element, emitting a pleasant, dim light. And, moreover, it promotes the creation of a healthy microclimate in the room. The air is saturated with beneficial negatively charged ions.

USB Eye Massager
Those who spend a lot of time on the computer may experience tired and dry eyes. Most often this happens at the end of the working day. Using a USB eye massager relieves tension and allows tired eyes to rest.

Gifts 96-100: romantic
What to give to your beloved man, husband, boyfriend? Of course, it could be anything from our previous 95 options. But, if the occasion and your feelings suggest that it should be something special, choose romantic gifts.
Heart made from photographs
You can arrange a beautiful surprise for your loved one using a heart-shaped collage of your photos. The technology is this: when ordering a set, you upload 46 photographs, which you will receive printed on thick photo paper in the size of 10x10 cm. Also in the set you will find a layout diagram and self-adhesive pads.

Heart made of photo magnets
A similar idea is a heart made of photomagnets. Only in this case, the collage is attached to a metal surface, for example, a refrigerator. It’s easy to prepare such a surprise by waking up just 10 minutes before your loved one on a holiday morning.

Love as Art body painting kit (Black Gold)
But here’s an even more creative idea, and also extremely erotic. Love as Art body painting kit. Yes, yes, you create a picture precisely during a love affair. The kit contains everything you need: from organic dyes to protective film and disposable socks. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, all you have to do is love and create.

Romantic dinner on the River Palace
A very exciting and beautiful gift - a romantic dinner on a boat. Of course, such a dinner will cost much more than going to a restaurant, but you must agree, it’s worth it. On board, enjoy a seafood dinner in a chic marble interior with gilded chandeliers. And overboard - the most beautiful views of Moscow for 3 hours.

Romantic horseback riding for two
Romantic gifts often involve pleasure for two, so they may be appropriate both for a man’s personal holiday and for your common one. For example, on a dating or wedding anniversary. For Valentine's Day. A romantic horseback ride is an exciting adventure that can be one of these gifts.

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