7 simple rules and ways to choose the perfect gift


The best gift is the one that was chosen with soul and with thoughts about the person for whom it is intended.
When choosing the perfect gift, I recommend paying attention to:

Habits and character of the person for whom it is intended
For example, if she is a housewife who likes to do household chores, then most likely she will be pleased with new kitchen sets or a certificate to a household appliance store; if this is a sporty person, then you can give a fitness bracelet, a gym membership or a certificate to a sports store to buy new sneakers.
Hobby and profession
Undoubtedly, a good gift will be one that relates to a person’s hobbies. If, for example, he is interested in fishing, then you can give him a new fishing rod (if you understand or are absolutely sure that the selected specimen is exactly what the birthday boy would like. If not, it’s better to give a certificate to the appropriate store), and if he is a collector, then something something for his collection. Such a gift will delight the hero of the occasion!
Gifts for professional development are very stimulating for people. Here you can build on what a person currently uses and what can increase his status or distinguish him among his colleagues (an expensive pen for office workers, a stethoscope for a doctor, a brand new lens or tripod for a photographer).
Gender and age
Many people think that a gift for a woman needs to be chosen more carefully than a gift for men, thinking that they are more indifferent to gifts. But this is not true. Men are also happy with gifts or disappointed in them, but they usually show their emotions more restrained than women (for details, see the article: what gifts do men like). And of course, when choosing, you should take age into account: a gift for a young girl should differ from a gift to her mother or grandmother, just as a gift for a young man should differ from a gift for an older colleague.
You should not give all kinds of figurines and souvenirs, which, at best, will simply gather dust on the shelves. One of the most important rules for choosing interesting gifts is one that will bring joy for a long time. Don’t be trivial, if you decide to give money - you shouldn’t give it in an envelope (on my channel you will find many ideas for inspiration, for example in this article: Still giving money in an envelope? There is something more original).
Events in life.
Maybe the birthday boy had a baby not too long ago? A radio nanny or a certificate for a family photo shoot will do. If he is a new resident, then the best gift would be the desired household items, certificates to shops for repairs, and sets of dishes.
Don't know what to give?
Ask directly!

You can ask the hero of the occasion directly what he wants, but there are several disadvantages:

many are waiting not for the gifts themselves, but for surprises! Something that will pleasantly surprise and delight them, without knowing in advance what they will be given :)
this may cause awkwardness for the birthday person. Perhaps he doesn’t expect to hear the question from you: “What should I give you?”, believing that you know him like no one else and can guess what would please him
the same question can lead you into a dead end if the cost of the desired gift is much higher than the allocated budget.
So, if you want to hear in response to a gift that this is exactly what you dreamed of, then you should not buy a gift “on the run”! Ideally, choose it a few days before the event.

By buying gifts not immediately before the holidays, but all the time when you see something interesting, you will not experience “strain” on the budget during the period of frequent birthdays or in winter during the New Year's panic. For example, now I have about five gifts already purchased for friends: one should be given this week, the second - next month, and the rest - for the New Year.

Be creative when choosing a gift! By putting your soul into this process, you will definitely find the most suitable gift! The one that will cause delight and joy for the birthday boy!

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