Gifts for the whole family: 10 interesting ideas on what to give to close or distant relatives


1. Pedigree book
A genealogy book will become not just a decoration for your home library, but also a symbol of respect for family history. In it you can enter all the important dates, events and personalities, as well as unique stories and anecdotes passed down from generation to generation.

Pedigree book “Exquisite” with painting in a box RUB 15,550

Pedigree book “Big Family” RUB 3,990

2. Same clothes for the family
Stylish T-shirts for summer holidays or a set of pajamas for cozy family evenings? Both options are good! An interesting idea would be to choose themed items - for example, with the image of your favorite cartoon characters for a family with children or with the symbols of a sports team.

Such clothing will not only emphasize the identity and closeness of all family members, but will also create a unique style for family photos or festive events.

Family T-shirts with name, number and surname RUB 2,999

Family T-shirts “Leader of the Pack. Lions" RUR 3,199

T-shirts for the family “Yazhmat, yazhbatya, yazhson, yazhdoch” RUB 3,199

3. Board games
Long evenings or family get-togethers on weekends are a great addition to a board game. This is not just an exciting pastime, but also an opportunity to become even closer to each other.

Table football “Playoffs” RUB 3,410

Gift set “Loto” in a wooden case RUB 2,330

4. Personalized gifts for home
You can order unique decorative items with engraving or the names of all family members. This could be anything from a family photo frame to a wall tile with a message on it.

Personalized blanket “Our Family Rules” RUB 3,780

Lamp with your photo Family 5890 RUR

Family gift based on photo “Family is always there” RUB 44,990

Bathroom curtain with your photos “Our Family” RUB 3,490

Pillow with your photo and the text “Family” RUB 1,890

5. Picnic set
A picnic bag or basket with beautiful dishes, a blanket and other useful little things will be a great gift for a family who loves to relax in nature.

Picnic set for 4 persons 9500 rub.

6. Beautiful dishes
An excellent gift for holiday family feasts or tea parties with relatives.

Table set for 6 persons “Arabesque” RUB 52,650

Set for 2 persons “Fairytale Lunch” RUB 38,370

Dinner set for 20 items RUB 11,628

7. Puzzles
Puzzles are a great way to spend time with the whole family. Choose a complex puzzle with a beautiful image, and it will not only be a fun activity, but also a decoration for your home once completed.

Puzzle with your photo and the text “We are family” RUB 1,490

3D puzzle “Harry Potter” (500 elements) RUB 1,890t

8. Photo book
A photo album with family photos is not only a wonderful gift, but also a memory of time spent together. Today you can order professional design and printing of a photo book that will look like a real work of art.

Photo book 3500 rub.

9. Luxurious bedding
Luxurious bed linen made from natural materials is a gift that will delight your relatives every day. Choose quality fabrics and beautiful designs.

Premium bedding set Stone RUB 19,300

Bed linen set Dark Rose RUB 14,300

Bed linen set Melange Green RUB 12,700

10. Plant growing kit
A kit for growing plants at home or in the country is a fun and useful activity. You can choose kits for growing different types of herbs, flowers or vegetables.

Large set for growing bonsai (different options) RUB 1,650

Smart garden for growing plants iGarden RUB 3,890

Choosing a gift is always a process that requires attention and love. You will find more gift options for relatives in the “Gifts for the Whole Family” collection on the website

Remember that the most important thing in a gift is not its cost, but your feelings and desire to please your loved ones. Let every gift you give be imbued with warmth and care, and then it will definitely please your relatives!

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